Totally painless, anaesthetises the skin thanks to the Cryo Silk Touch cooling system, down to -5°C.

This is Total Body, allowing you to treat all areas of the body, even the most delicate.

Being ultra-selective there are no side effects, it can be customised for all protocols.

Our laser hair removal system is available in three setups:

PIXEL setup
Ideal for start-ups and new openings
Great for those using the technology for the first time and have a small customer base.
FRAME setup
Ideal for already existing beauty centres
They already have in place a technology, the customer base is growing, and they have an existing customer base.
FULL HD setup
Ideal for laser hair removal booths

Ideal for centres with a large clientele and the PHOTOFACE protocol.

The last news of the epilation

Ideal for centres with a large customers group and the PHOTOFACE protocol.

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